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This Charity is now closed
This site shows the work we have done from 2005 to 2010

MAGE was a voluntary non profit making organisation
established in January 2005 following a request for help from doctors in Galle, Sri Lanka where there was extensive damage to buildings with a death toll of over 4000, following the tsunami.

Our plan was to “Improve Health, Welfare and Education in Galle, Sri Lanka and its environs in south east Asia”.

Our aim was to work with and through local people, to respond to their needs arising from the Tsunami, and to provide lasting, practical and effective support.

The only major maternity hospital for the whole of southern Sri Lanka was in Galle and was completely destroyed by the tsunami in December 2004. (click here to see the damage to this hospital)

The doctors in Galle asked us for help and MAGE was formed as a response to this request with the intention of helping the medical and teaching establishment in Galle to get back on it’s feet....

Field Hospital donated by MAGE - click here for more photos

Donated medical equipment being used by a doctor..

Medical hostel commissioned
on the 23 October 2009

Medical hostel provides fully furnished accommodation within the university campus for 180 undergratuate students (90 twin rooms), along with lounge, catering, dining facilities, library with books, study area and a computer room with 5 desktop computers .

....and we have achieved all our aims .... completed all our projects
... and thanks to all of you who helped us

Updated in Feb 2012

This Charity is now closed
and the site shows the work we have done in Sri Lanka from Jan 2005 to Jan 2011